Windows IoT is here!

I am sure you have heard the latest buzz word out there… IoT, or Internet of Things. The basic concept is that now that embedded computing is fast, cheap and componentized, and Internet access is ubiquitous, hordes of devices will be communicating with cloud services, sending telemetric data, and a whole new class of tools and services is needed to address this phenomenon.

Microsoft has created a special lightweight version of Windows 10, dubbed Windows IoT, that can run on popular devices such as the Raspberry Pi, the Minnowboard, the Intel Galileo, and more. You can use Visual Studio 2015 to develop applications in C#, and deploy to the devices, and then debug them interactively.

The best place to go to get started is here. Here you will find valuable sections on how to install Windows IoT on your device, plus some great starter examples, along with working code, and wiring diagrams, and for me, most usefully, links to go purchase the widgets and components you need!

In a series of blog posts I will be detailing some of the projects I am doing as I explore this new exciting platform!

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