Upgrading to RTM

If you are like me and have been trying out the prerelease Windows IoT for Raspberry Pi and Visual Studio RC, now that the real stuff is out, you have a little work to do to migrate.

Once you have Visual Studio RTM installed, you basically go through all the same steps as detailed in my previous blog, except doing it with the new binaries. You will be flashing a new RPi image, which contains an updated VS remote debugger (the new VS doesn’t like the older vsmon).

Once you try to open your old RPi VS project, you will get a message telling you it needs to be updated.



Right clicking it, you can choose “Download Update”, which does nothing of the kind! Instead, you are taken to a page that advises you to start a new project, and copy over the files. So, I did that, changed the remote IP address to match the new dynamic IP address of my reflashed Pi, and voila, it deployed. Not only that, it worked, no glitches!

So, a pretty straight forward upgrade, just ‘redo’ it!

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